Environment statement

Lichang Plastics cares

Now more than ever, people and companies are realizing the importance of environmental protection. The crucial natural resources are in badly need of conservation.

As the China’s leading manufacturer of synthetic paper, Lichang Plastics recognizes the necessity to sustain these precious resources and take our steps to operate in an earth friendly and sustainable manner.

Lichang synthetic paper is 100% tree-free substrate. It is mainly made of polypropylene polymer which consists of non-toxic molecules and the production is strictly in compliance with Reach, EU and FDA.

Little water is needed during manufacture process. Waste film generated during manufacture is recycled and reused. After using, Lichang synthetic paper can be easily recycled together with polymer containers. 

Meanwhile, Lichang Plastics are constantly soughing for more solutions to improve the recycling rate. We are doing our part and will keep up to protect our one and only homeland.